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Euca Design Center (EDC) was founded in Wisconsin, USA by Donovan Brooke in 2003.
Design at EDC
Before founding EDC, I began my journey with a degree in graphic design, which helped land my first career job as a digital prepress technician. I had worked in two creative services departments for printing companies (under a few job titles) for 6 years prior to forming EDC. The last position I held before founding EDC was the position of "Director of I.T., Creative Services Department". I think the experience I gained in that position is what really sparked my carreer focus of web application building. - Donovan

The core of EDC is the culmination of Donovan's professional interests and experiences in design, website building, and server-side programming. Since its inception, EDC has served customers all over the world. - a HowTo Tech Blog

Today, EDC is a full service, design house and web applications programming and hosting provider. EDC is a small company which can leverage a network of contracted programmers and designers, to meet the needs of any size of project.

Donovan is still at the computer coding and is particularly interested in design and usability that caters to the wide array of user agents on the market (From smart phones, to tablets, to high resolution monitors). Technically, this means HTML5, CSS and Responsive Design, and the delicate balance of client-side to server-side functionality.

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